State-Based Marketplaces

Softheon offers a comprehensive suite of cloud-based, HIPAA-enabled solutions to assist states in developing robust healthcare IT infrastructures. These solutions eliminate duplicate and administrative inefficiencies, promote collaboration with key stakeholders, ensure mechanisms of enhanced transparency, and provide visibility into insurance transactions and member activities. The innovative solutions we employ with our clients include:

Health benefit shopping & account management

Softheon's plan benefits & product management platform, Clarity, presents a quote-to-card shopping experience for members, employers & brokers. Clarity empowers members to manage their own accounts, including the ability to update personal information, view current benefits, and request new ID cards.

With Clarity, your members get the tools they need to control and understand their healthcare benefits. Features include: a robust rating engine, the ability to support a wide variety of health and ancillary products, regulatory and compliance requirements, in-depth plan comparison functionality, comprehensive account management capabilities, and a configurable interface for employees and employers.


  • The ability to support a wide variety of health and ancillary products
  • Regulatory and compliance requirements for the membership served
  • In-depth plan comparison functionality
  • Comprehensive account management capabilities
  • Seamless enrollment processes
  • Configurable interface/accessibility for employees and employers


Secure EDI processing

Softheon's rules-based EDI payload management platform, Gateway, exchanges enrollment information (834s) to handle the enrollment, effectuation & reconciliation of your members. Gateway was designed to eliminate the risks and issues associated with importing bad data.   Our solution provides a secure and efficient integration and file transfer platform that allows you to connect to new channels with ease, while ensuring all access points remain secure.

By leveraging a secure and adaptable integration center with an industry-standard file transfer and validation process, Gateway serves as a powerful solution that protects your system from bad data.


  • Requires that all files passed through, meet the necessary structural checks before proceeding downstream
  • Generate and process:
    • Enrollment and Eligibility Data (EDI 834)
    • Financial Remittance Data (EDI 820)
    • Medical and Pharmacy Claim Files (EDI 837)
    • Acknowledgement Files (999s / TA1s)
    • Eligibility Benefit Inquiry and Response Files (EDI 270 / EDI 271)
    • Financial and Medical data files for ETL (Extract, Transform, and Load)
    • Reconciliation Files (RCNI, RCNO, Pre-Audit, ISUIPA, and more)


Enrollment & underwriting

Softheon's enrollment & underwriting engine, Remedy, allows you to easily enroll & effectuate members and manage ongoing member services, including processing cancellations, terminations, delinquencies, and more in real time. Remedy’s comprehensive rules engine allows you to customize your members’ enrollment processing to suit different needs. Our solution also uses role-based user access, so you can ensure each user only has access to the data they need.

Remedy serves as the foundation of our end-to-end solution suite, processing the incoming files that supplies our e-payment and data analytics solutions. This data also generates invoices, EDGE server extracts, and more.


  • Over 150 Enrollment Business Rules to process records
  • Integrated UI that provides an ease of access to view data from multiple sources
  • Configurable settings for simplified management and control of your system
  • Comprehensive audit tracking and reporting to maintain regulatory compliance
  • Cutting-edge matching processes to ensure enrollment and financial data consistency


Bill presentment & payment

Softheon's premium billing & payment aggregation tool, Equity, offers an integrated online & banking solution that provides a customer-friendly billing experience while allowing you to manage financial transactions, premium payments & financial reconciliation. As an accessible PCI DSS 3.1 Electronic Payment platform, Equity serves individuals and brokers with multi-channel options, and offers the back-end processes needed to continually manage and track their payment statuses. To assist with higher membership retention, we support all payment types including credit cards, ACH & e-Check, and lockbox processing.

As a designated Payment Facilitator, we can also conveniently and quickly process payments without any third-party involvement. This prevents payments from building up and means we’re able to deliver outstanding service with unmatched reliability.


  • Online self-management
  • Electronic bill presentment
  • Multiple payment accepted
    • Credit & debit cards, including: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover
    • ACH & e-Check: Withdraw payments directly from a customer’s bank account without interchange fees
    • Lockbox processing: Collect and apply paper checks to the appropriate member account with regionally based lockbox processing hubs
  • Third-party payment detection with configurable processing procedures, helping to prevent against authorized sponsors from illegally obtaining higher reimbursement rates


Data analytics & reporting

Softheon's data analytics and reporting platform, Foundry, captures and tracks every member touchpoint, analyzing both their interactions and behaviors. Foundry’s reporting capabilities provide you with all the tools necessary to access and parse data from a high-level population overview down to an individual member. This platform is also capable of generating and exporting standard reports, including the Payment Discrepancy Report, RCNI – Baseline Reconciliation file, Cost Sharing Reduction (CSR) Reconciliation report, EDGE Server processing reports, and more.

Foundry BI, the solution’s business intelligence component, features configurable, state-of-the-art tools for non-technical users. Providing the ability to “slice and dice” data in near real-time, the reporting and business intelligence suite offers comprehensive analysis of transaction trends and key performance indicators (KPIs), including member demographics, geography, financial data points, and cost comparisons.


  • Generation of de-identified risk adjustment and reinsurance data sets
  • Extract, Transform & Load (ETL) from multiple data sources to create HHS-defined claims & enrollment files
  • Comprehensive reporting for risk adjustments, cost sharing reduction, and profit/loss ratios
  • Compliance with HHS data submission and HIPAA requirements
  • Recovery: Back-up, restore, version, and recover capabilities
  • Service-level agreement (SLA) monitoring tools

Hamoon_Hadavand Senior National Account Executive

Michael Sasko

Vice President of Government Solutions

Mike Sasko is a specialist in health care IT and Health Insurance Exchanges. Mike leads all strategic government partnerships. He joined Softheon in 2017, after working as a project lead, client lead, and business architect lead for several major State, Federal, and Medicaid healthcare projects. Throughout his career, he has also served various leadership roles within Accenture, Pfizer, and early stage IPO organizations. He can be reached by phone at (916) 802-0638 or email