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Softheon offers a comprehensive suite of cloud-based, HIPAA-enabled and MITA-aligned solutions to assist states in developing robust healthcare IT infrastructures. These solutions eliminate duplicate and administrative inefficiencies, promote collaboration with key stakeholders, ensure mechanisms of enhanced transparency, and provide visibility into insurance transactions and member activities. The markets we serve include:

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Softheon's cloud-based platform contains a robust suite of configurable modules that target common pain points. Our comprehensive, cost-effective solution easily integrates with existing systems and reduces the burden on your team by handling all your enrollment management needs. Our Software as a Solution (SaaS) ecosystem comprises enrollment portals and anonymous shopping, member management, secure EDI file processing, premium billing and presentment, and data analytics.

As an industry leader in Section 1115 waiver implementation and management, Softheon plays a critical role in providing coverage to millions of Medicaid beneficiaries nationwide. Our cloud-based, configurable software eliminates pain points from end-to-end enrollment, member billing, and reporting, to ensure all your Medicaid members are getting the care they need.

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